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Outside The Confines: Just sign already, Trevor Bauer

Enough of the theatrics.

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Photo by Adam Hagy/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Have you ever watched The Bachelor? I’m sure some of you have, or at least are culturally aware of the concept, in which one man is wooed by 32 women in the hopes that he will find his one true love.

Now, don’t worry, this isn’t about to become a weekly column in which I share my thoughts on The Bachelor, as I’ve only seen one or two episodes myself and couldn’t even tell you who the current Bachelor is. But in the last few days I’ve been reminded of the show again and again, as free agent starter Trevor Bauer continues to keep everyone in suspense about which team he will choose.

It’s not that it’s unusual for a player to stay mum about which teams are courting them until the deal is done, but Bauer has practically crafted his own offseason reality show out of it. He has tweeted to the fanbases of teams in every city coyly asking for restaurant suggestions for when he visits; he’s posted on his YouTube channel, and shared lite behind-the-scenes insight into the process of choosing a team via his agent, Rachel Luba, and has generally made such a big show of the process that at this point it has become exhausting.

Much like with The Bachelor you want to scream “just propose to someone already!”

The most recent reports suggest Bauer’s most likely landing places will be the Mets or the Dodgers, but regardless of who he chooses I hope he does it soon, because this sort of thing is wearing thin:

Now on to the links!

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.