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Outside The Confines: Dave Roberts speaks out against racism towards Asian-Americans

The rise of racism and aggression towards Asian Americans elicited a response from the Dodgers skipper.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This week, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts released an internal email to the organization to speak out against the rising cases of racism and violence towards Asian Americans. Roberts, whose father is Black and mother is Japanese, felt it was necessary to speak out.

While racism towards the Asian American community is not new, it has seen a stark rise in the wake of the pandemic. Los Angeles has an incredibly dense Asian population “with 11.3% of the population identifying as Asian, according to the 2010 census” (according to Joon Lee’s ESPN article on Roberts’ statement).

In Roberts’s statement, which he drafted alongside Dodgers traveling secretary Scott Akasaki, Roberts expressed why he felt it was important to speak out now.

“It hit obviously close to home for me, and I just felt that I wanted to address it internally and show my support for the Asian Americans in our organization first off. We’re all aware of it. It’s just something that was in my heart that I felt needed to be shared.”

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