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Pedro Strop apologizes for breaking COVID-19 protocols

The righthander was forthright in his apology.

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Last Friday, Pedro Strop and two members of the Cleveland Indians, Jose Ramirez and Franmil Reyes, went to dinner, breaking MLB’s COVID-19 protocols.

Strop was sent home from Cubs camp, but returned Tuesday. This morning, he offered an apology:

I’m not going to judge Strop for making this mistake, because he’s been an outstanding member of the Cubs for several years and well-respected by everyone in the organization. He seems sincere in his apology. But this incident does point out the need for everyone in baseball to follow the protocols.

Strop has yet to pitch in a spring training game. While he’s in camp on a minor-league deal, I would think that if he’s healthy — something he really hasn’t been since that hamstring pull running the bases in Washington in 2018 — and shows well in spring games, he has a real chance of making the Opening Day roster.

As always, we await developments.