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Outside the Confines: On anniversaries and stuff

One year ago today, MLB shut down. Some minor league teams never came back. A look at new rules in the minors and a new ball in the majors. A man lived in a stadium for three years.

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Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

It was exactly one year ago today that Major League Baseball shut down. The now-famous positive COVID test of Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz shut down the NBA the night before. Other sports quickly followed suit and MLB debated the next step through the morning until finally deciding to shut down Spring Training that afternoon.

It was Miguel Montero. Little did I suspect that a little more than a decade later, he’d be one of the stars that would end the Cubs’ World Series title drought. Anyway, I mention this now because the JetHawks were one of the teams that were contracted by MLB and the promise of a partner league never materialized. So now the JetHawks have officially disbanded, the area is without baseball and the city is looking to re-develop the land into something else, maybe an amphitheater.

And let tomorrow be a better day.