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Cub Tracks hatches plots

#Cubs and #MLB news for you.

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Oooo Pat Hughes’ dulcet tones on the broadcast. That’s my jam. Strange game. Some very interesting plays and calls, seemingly from beyond. It ended badly.

But Jake Arrieta’s transformation into a groundball machine (Arrieta has the 18th highest ground ball percentage among qualified pitchers in MLB over the last four years at 49.5 percent, and since 2018, Arrieta is 4th in MLB with a 51.5 percent ground-ball rate) continues. His deliveries still have superior movement — all he needs to do is locate. The ball is up a touch more than I’d like but hey, if Jake can thread the noodle, then I’m good with the occasional meatball. Honestly, despite my fondness for herb, I’m more of a Pastafarian than a Rastafarian. But I still didn’t shoot the deputy.

If these guys play at career average, they’ll be pretty good. A good start and some heart and scrap could go a long way. There’ll be a few more cuts. The Cubs’ steadfast refusal to score came back to bite them Friday. But ... like the old Gahan Wilson saw about open-casket funerals — “remains to be seen”. Robert Bloch will take care of the heart, little boy. Igor has the scraps.

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“Jake’s breaking ball is a real weapon. I think talking to him and watching him throw, it’s a really good breaking ball. It’s just about how he’s using it and using it to the right guys. We’re looking for Jake to be able to use his entire mix. When he’s at his best, he does that.” — David Ross

“Just for me and everything I put into my teammates, they deserve all I have this year and I’ll give that to them and our fans. Once April 1 comes it’s all about baseball. It’s not about money. It’s not about a contract extension, the future. It’s about April 1 and winning that game and getting the best out of everyone on the team.” — Anthony Rizzo.

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