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Cub Tracks’ field trips

#Cubs and #MLB news for you.

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Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Cubs win again! Baseball is fun in the sunshine. Go here for details.

I don’t know about the others but this reporter is glad for spring training, especially as I can use some myself. Every season is a new challenge, a chance to reassess, retool, retrench, refresh, recall, repair, re-arm, reinvigorate, re-cast, repent. I myself am in the best shape of my life (round) and am working on refining my in-season menu, wardrobe, and jokes, having acquired yet another Cubs cap just a bit ago, and a pair of red-and-blue-striped Zubaz to go with the “Bring Him Back” shirt from last year, which has a few wins in it. The jokes are still at the post office.

Such is life on a Sunday in the land of the final frontier. I’m not going to be able to visit the Cubs this spring, alas, so the journey will necessarily be a pretend one. Won’t you join us on a Sunday drive?

And now, without further ado, I will leave you with Picard’s command for the robot tailor — “Make it sew!”

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