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Cub Tracks’ home plate

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Kansas City Royals v Chicago Cubs Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

I’m gonna see if I can’t get up to see a game this spring. My trusty little Nissan loves the 100-mile trip to Phoenix metro and I can afford it if I skip Doordash a couple of times and actually cook. If not I’ll shoot for July 16, when the Cubs play the Diamondbacks. Doordash is a hard habit to break.

Watched my first game of the year and the Cubs delivered, while I was working on this listicle. I was expecting things to be early-spring sloppy but even the lesser-known players were on their game. Got to credit the Cubs’ coaching staff for that. I’d like to know that the pitching will be like that all year, into the bargain (except for Brandon Workman and Jason Adam). The bats had a little life too. There was some LOUD contact.

The Mariners were not (seemingly) fundamentally sound and were tossing the rock around a bit. Their staff could not have been too happy. Scott Servais’ delivery sounded a little, eh, sharp, in the first part of his interview. Jason Benetti is a pro, though, and cleaned that up right away, and Servais was allowed to wax enthusiastic about his young pledges, which was much better and got him philosophical.

The broadcast was basically enjoyable, with good moments during interviews with Boog Sciambi and Jason Heyward, and of course it all means nothing in the great scheme of things but feels nice anyway, like Michael Hermosillo’s later tater. The Cubs still haven’t lost.

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RIP Joe Altobelli. Best of luck to Jon Lester, who is having thyroid surgery.

Cubs manager David Ross, on Javier Báez, Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant heading into their walk years: “I’m OK with them being a little selfish this year. Sometimes you gotta take care of yourself and get your numbers, and if they get their numbers, I think we’re gonna be just fine. These guys know what they’ve done together.” — Alden Gonzalez, ESPN.

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