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Animating some famous Cubs with the new ‘Deep Nostalgia’ online tool

This is fun!

You might have run across My Heritage’s new “Deep Animation” online tool recently. The site created it so that you can “animate” photos of your loved ones from the past.

Our SB Nation Cardinals site Viva el Birdos did this with some famous Cardinals from the distant past. It looked like fun, so I did the same thing with some well-known Cubs from team history. These are cool, if a bit creepy.

Johnny Evers

Getty Images

Deep lines under his eyes, but you can still see a sparkle on that face.

Joe Tinker

Getty Images

The unibrow makes for kind of an intense look.

Frank Chance

Getty Images

“The Peerless Leader” was his nickname, and you can see that look in his eyes.

Phil Cavarretta

Getty Images

This was from the early 1950s, when Cavvy was Cubs manager. (As you can see, the animator doesn’t handle baseball caps too well.

Ernie Banks

Getty Images

Mr. Cub, in the 1960s.

Ryne Sandberg

Getty Images

The popular Hall of Famer, shown in 1990.

Andre Dawson

Getty Images

Another popular Cubs Hall of Famer. This photo is from his first year as a Cub, 1987.

And one from the present day...

Anthony Rizzo

Getty Images

This was fun to do! If you like, go to the MyHeritage site and try it yourself. Note: The site will only let you do three of these animations before you have to put a credit card in. You can cancel anytime — I did so after I downloaded the rest of the animations.