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Cubs, White Sox receive permission for fans in April, beginning on Opening Day

Mayor Lightfoot has tweeted an announcement

At some point, Wrigley Field will be filled with fans again
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We have been waiting for an announcement or some news from the city of Chicago regarding Mayor Lori Lightfoot giving permission to the Cubs and White Sox for fans in the stands in 2021.

Monday morning, we have this report, though no official announcement yet:

It’s too early to figure how the Cubs will allocate tickets. Since the Cubs have far more season-ticket holders than tickets currently allowed, it figures that almost all the people in Wrigley Field, at least early on, will be STH. Of course, STH could put their tickets on StubHub (they’d have to sell the entire pod they buy, similar to what is now happening for Sloan Park tickets).

I am speculating here, but I would suspect that Cubs season-ticket holders would be permitted to buy tickets by seniority. There might be some who would pass on getting these; some Cubs STH don’t live in the Chicago area and might not want to travel. That would allow others further down the seniority line to buy tickets.

For me personally, as I wrote earlier this month, I am satisfied with the protocols the Cubs instituted at Sloan Park and have been attending games. Depending on what’s set for Wrigley, I’d probably attend games there too.

As always, we await developments. If/when there is updated or official information about this, I will update this story.

UPDATE — Here’s the official announcement from Mayor Lightfoot:

When ticket details are made available, I’ll share them with you.