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The Cubs will be looking for a new Wrigley Field PA announcer

Andrew Belleson’s leaving the position.

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

You might remember, not long after the Ricketts family bought the Cubs, then-PA announcer Paul Friedman departed the scene.

The Cubs held an open-audition contest to fill the spot, and Andrew Belleson, then 24 years old, won the position. He’s done a good job over the past decade, and now he’s moving on:

We are just 23 days until Opening Day. Here are the Cubs’ current plans for the spot:

Now, Bill Murray would be hilarious, but would he give all the information fans need? I guess perhaps we’ll find out!

I suspect the Cubs might wind up having another open competition for the PA position; I have no inside knowledge about this, just my speculation. I suppose perhaps they could get Wayne Messmer, who did the job for many years, to fill in from time to time.

In any case, thanks to Andrew Belleson for a decade in this spot (where did that time go?) and I wish him well in his endeavors going forward.