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Braves 13, Cubs 4: Do-it-yourself recap

Yes, it’s time for another one of these.

Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Sunday evening at Wrigley Field, the Cubs were crushed by the Braves 13-4. Thoroughly, completely, utterly crushed.

Before I get to a recap of sorts, about that score:

Another curiosity about that: The Braves’ boxscore totals from this game (38-13-14-13, AB-R-R-BI) exactly matched the Cubs’ from Saturday’s game.

Rather than give you my own recap to this rout, I thought I’d let you put together your own. Here you go! (NOTE! If you are reading this article via Google AMP or Apple News, you will have to go to a regular web browser to be able to read the words below, or click “desktop site” on your mobile browser.)

The Cubs never had a chance in this game. They the Braves.

About that score:

The Braves scored

The Cubs scored
The Cubs' runs were driven in by

Kyle Hendricks had thrown well in his last start, but this time, not so much. He allowed four home runs in the first inning. That tied a franchise record set by .

The Cubs bullpen . It didn't really matter because after the Cubs got to within two runs, the Braves had their second .

This was the Cubs' most lopsided defeat since . That game also got a do-it-yourself recap here. The good news (maybe!) is that the Cubs followed that loss with a three-game wining streak.

After Hendricks, the Cubs pitchers who finished the game

Craig Kimbrel threw an inning in garbage time. Sometimes this doesn't work for closers, but Sunday night,

The Cubs' record is now
But that doesn't matter, because

Tuesday night at Wrigley Field, the Cubs will

In that game, the Cubs will send Jake Arrieta to the mound to face Taijuan Walker, and Jake will...

Tuesday's game will be televised on

Manager David Ross' comments after Sunday's game included:

Give Anthony Rizzo credit. He was having fun out there with “Frederick” Freeman [VIDEO].

(Per baseball-reference, Freeman’s given name is, in fact, Frederick.)

Rizzo also hit home runs.

First inning [VIDEO].

Third inning [VIDEO].

That’s all I’ve got for this one. At least it didn’t rain on this series. That’s not likely going to be the case for the Mets series coming up.

The weather, and the baseball, just have to get better.

Right? Right? RIGHT?