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Outside The Confines: The Vegas A’s?

The Oakland A’s have MLB’s blessing to look into moving. More on Albert Pujols’ departure from Anaheim. And remember Mark Appel? He’s trying a comeback.

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Photo By Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

I’m going to say the A’s moving to Las Vegas would be a terrible move. It’s a small market with a transient population and no secondary markets that aren’t already claimed by other teams. It would also have to have a retractable roof ballpark as it is ridiculously hot in Vegas all summer long. Yes, I know the Golden Knights have done well there, but while drawing 750,000 fans a year may be solid in the NHL, that’s terrible attendance for MLB.

And yes, the Raiders are there, but the finances of the NFL are such that they could play in Glendive, MT and still turn a profit. But the A’s would be competing with both the Raiders and the Golden Knights for the money that people would spend on sports.

And let’s all have a better day tomorrow.