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Outside The Confines: The Las Vegas Athletics?

Could the Oakland club be on the movie?

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Photo by Jerry Driendl/Getty Images

The Oakland Athletics have a long history of struggle when it comes to getting a new stadium. They have repeatedly clashed with Oakland municipal officials when it comes to agreeing on a new location in downtown Oakland. So MLB has said if the A’s and the local government can’t come to terms, the A’s can start exploring options elsewhere.

The most popular rumor right now involves the A’s moving to Las Vegas, but there are other locations in the mix as well, including Portland, Charlotte, Vancouver, Nashville, and Montreal, all sites that have been whispered about for expansion teams as well.

MLB has implied that moving is a last-ditch effort though, as the A’s would like to stay where they are. MLB said in a statement about the potential move, “We know [the A’s] remain deeply committed to succeeding in Oakland, and with two other sports franchises recently leaving the community, their commitment to Oakland is now more important than ever.”

It’s hard to know how this development will pan out, but it’s definitely too soon to buy yourself a Las Vegas A’s jersey. Al wrote about this yesterday; here are a few more articles on the topic, plus other baseball news.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.