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Baseball history unpacked, May 31

... clips from the big motion picture of #Cubs and #MLB history.

Ila Borders
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... on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Bleed Cubbie Blue brings a you a Cubs-centric look at baseball’s long and colorful past. Here’s a handy Cubs timeline, to help you follow along as we review select clips from the big motion picture of Chicago Cubs and Major League Baseball history.

Today in baseball history:

  • 1869 - The first rainout involving a professional baseball team occurs when heavy rain postpones the Red Stockings’ tune-up game against the Antioch Nine, a Yellow Springs, Ohio college team. Aaron B. Champion, Cincinnati’s owner, had been a student at the school in the 1850s. (1,3,4)
  • 1927 - Although it will be another 42 years before the next one, an unassisted triple play is made for the second consecutive day in the major leagues when John Neun accomplishes the rare play in the ninth inning, saving the Tigers’ 1-0 victory. The first baseman catches Homer Summa’s line drive, tags Charlie Jamieson, the runner on first, and then beats Glenn Myatt to second base, making it the first time the last three outs of a game result from a solo triple killing. (1,3)
  • 1942 - Before 22,000 at Griffith Stadium, Satchel Paige pitches five innings to defeat the Dizzy Dean All-Stars 8-1. Dean pitches just the first inning. The game a week earlier, in which Paige won 3-1 at Wrigley Field, drew 29,000. Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis will prohibit a scheduled July 4 matchup because the first two games outdrew major-league games. (2,4)
  • 1949 - Charley Lupica announces from a twenty-foot platform atop a flagpole that he will remain perched there until the Indians are eliminated from the race or win another pennant. Although the local grocery store owner abandons his post in late September with the Tribe in fourth place, Cleveland owner Bill Veeck will reward the loyal fan with a souvenir 50-foot flagpole and a brand new car. (1)
  • 1964 - In the nightcap of a doubleheader at Shea Stadium, Gaylord Perry pitches ten extra-inning frames in relief, getting the victory when the Giants beat the Mets in the longest game ever played in baseball history, 8-6. The future Hall of Famer reportedly threw his first spitball in a major league game during the seven hour and 23 minute, 23-inning marathon. (1)
  • 1966 - Ron Santo establishes a National League record when he appears in his 364th consecutive game at third base. The Cubs infielder’s streak, which started on April 19, 1964, will end at 390 contests after Jack Fisher fractures his cheek with a pitch. (1,3,4)
  • 1984 - Mario Soto is suspended for five days by N.L. president Chub Feeney for his role in a 32-minute melee that marred the Reds-Cubs game on May 27. After shoving third base umpire Steve Rippley, who had signaled that Ron Cey’s long fly ball was a three-run home run (it was later ruled foul), a bat-wielding Soto then tried to attack a park vendor who had thrown a bag of ice at him. Soto will be suspended again for five more days later in the season for his June 16 fight with Claudell Washington. (2)
  • 1997 - Ila Borders becomes the first woman to play in a minor league game. The St. Paul Saints reliever gives up three runs to the Sioux Falls Canaries without recording an out, but will redeem herself the next day by striking out the side. (3)
  • 2008 - For the first time in 100 years, the Chicago Cubs have the best record in Major League Baseball entering June. The Cubs are 36-21. (3)

Cubs birthdays: Bill Foxen, Kenny Lofton.

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There is a very active baseball history community and there are many facets to their views. We strive for clarity. Please let us know (nicely) if you feel that an item is in error and we will address that issue to the originator(s), if at all possible.