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Outside The Confines: A happy baseball story

Sometimes you just want to smile.

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Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

A lot of the conversation about Saturday’s Reds/Padres game was about Joey Votto’s early and energetic ejection, alongside Reds manager David Bell. I would pay good money to know what the umpire said to Votto to rile him up, but the real story was revealed afterward.

As it turns out, the game was the first game for young Reds superfan Abigail, who just happened to be a massive Joey Votto fan. Abigail was clearly devastated following the ejection, and the result was this crushing photo being shared on Twitter.

The Reds social media account immediately responded to the post, and before the end of the game, Abigail had a brand new souvenir with a personal apology from Votto, reading “I am sorry I didn’t play the entire game.”

And the story gets even better as Abigail returned to the park on Sunday and got to meet Joey Votto in person.

And this, friends, is the face of a future life-long baseball fan.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.