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Where do the Cubs rank in various statistical categories?

A look at where the Cubs stand entering Tuesday’s action.

Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Just a note before I begin here: This article is not intended to go into any deep statistical analysis.

Rather, I thought I’d simply go through various statistical categories and see where the Cubs rank.

Then all of you can discuss what it all means.

First, with 40 wins the Cubs are tied with the Brewers for fourth-most in the National League (Giants 46, Dodgers 44, Padres 43 are ahead of the Cubs and Brewers).

Here are some other statistical categories, the Cubs’ number in them, and rank among the 15 NL teams.


Runs: 314 (tie-7th)
Doubles: 91 (14th)
Triples: 13 (tie-4th)
Home runs: 97 (3rd)
Stolen bases: 36 (5th)
Caught stealing: 18 (tie-1st)
Walks: 231 (8th)
Strikeouts: 690 (2nd — Brewers are first)
BA: .225 (14th — Brewers are 15th)
OBP: .303 (12th)
SLG: .399 (5th)
OPS: .702 (9th)
OPS+: 96 (tie-6th)


ERA: 3.79 (8th)
Starters ERA: 4.70 (12th)
Relievers ERA: 2.62 (1st)
ERA+: 104 (7th)
FIP: 4.36 (11th)
WHIP: 1.290 (9th)
Saves: 23 (4th)
HR: 86 (5th most)
Walks: 276 (3rd most)
Strikeouts: 655 (5th)

Have at it.