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Outside The Confines: Tyler Skaggs’ family files suit against Angels

The pitcher’s tragic death still cast’s a long shadow over baseball.

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MLB: Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It has been almost two years since the tragic overdose death of Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs. In that time, his death has raised a lot of questions about drug use, addiction to painkillers, and precisely how it was that Skaggs was able to get the drugs that ultimately killed him.

Now, the Skaggs family is suing both the Angels organization and two former employees, alleging the team supplied Skaggs with drugs. The team and former employees are accused of wrongful death and negligence, and as shared by Nathan Fenno, the lawsuit said the following:

“The Angels owed Tyler Skaggs a duty to provide a safe place to work and play baseball. The Angels breached their duty when they allowed [Eric Kay], a drug addict, complete access to Tyler. The Angels also breached their duty when they allowed Kay to provide Tyler with dangerous illegal drugs. The Angels should have known Kay was dealing drugs to players. Tyler died as a result of the Angels’ breach of their duties.”

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