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Cub Tracks’ rock rolls back downhill

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Richard Montenegro @Monteneggroll

Here at CUB TRACKS NEWS AND NOTES™, we have news for you. There’s basically only one story:

Per ESPN Stats and Info, the Cubs joined the Giants (April 26, 1976) as the only teams in the past 50 seasons to score seven runs in the first inning, only to lose by seven or more runs. h/t Jordan Bastian.

You can see this game, if you like, as a microcosm of the Cubs’ season. Early promise leading to a late-season collapse is one of the hallmarks of this club, one that events since that glorious 2016 Championship have done little to dispel. It lends itself to sentiments like this, from the beginning of the second inning yesterday:

Tell me again how there’s no scrying in baseball. I would prefer that the train stay on the tracks, thank you very little, you gods of baseball, or powers-that-be, if you be. I do not own stock in the June swoon, but this is hard to bear. The Brewers just scored a touchdown and kicked the extra point and I’m going back to cleaning the den.

Al has full results and highlights in his recap. Now help me push this rock back up the hill.

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Food for thought:

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