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Cub Tracks plays the blues

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St Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Here at CUB TRACKS NEWS AND NOTES™, we have news for you. The Kris Bryant Trade-Watch is back ON. The Sporting News is even in it. Really. Ask Scott Boras. And the Kimbrel Watch and the Javy Watch and the Chafin Watch and the Joc Watch are ON, too. WATCH THIS SPACE.

“When I was a boy, they were my pride and joy. But now they only bring fatigue. To the home of the brave, the land of the free, and the doormat of the National League...” — Steve Goodman.

We were warned it would be like this, when the expectations rose so high. But the team’s ownership kept saying that they would do what it takes to field a winner, year after year, wave after wave. When I was a boy, there were possibly three competitive seasons, and we didn’t expect more than that — no more was promised.

This is why Cub fans are mad. THEY LIED TO US AND THEY KEEP RIGHT ON LYING.

The Cubs won Friday, 10-5, and the game wasn’t that close. But disappointment still lies ahead. Enjoy the afterglow while we have it. The St Louis ‘Blues’ might still be looming.

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“We’ve believed in these guys since 2015. They’ve had a ton of success, and I would never count these guys out,” Jed Hoyer said Thursday. “But 11 days ago we were certainly fully on the ‘buy’ side of these transactions, and everyone was calling about that. And obviously people are now calling to see which players are available. So, it’s a very different scenario [than what] we expected. Life comes at you fast.”

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