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Cub Tracks’ center cuts

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Photo by Matt Dirksen/Colorado Rockies/Getty Images

Here at CUB TRACKS NEWS AND NOTES™, we have news for you. The All-Star Game is over and the AL has continued their dominance. There is a game on the schedule today, between the Yankees and the Red Sox.

Kris Bryant wouldn’t mind being a Dale Murphy, which is interesting. I’ve long thought corner outfield is his future, but I’ve no complaint there. Jake Marisnick might... also, in news out of left field, maybe the Cubs will pony up for Nick Castellanos, who has an opt-out and clearly enjoyed his time in Chicago? The Cubs could give him whatever money they were earmarking for Joc Pederson, who has seemed to be a Spring Training flash so far. I mean, if there is a 2022 season, which is still up in the air. Bryant also said he’s proud to wear Cubbie blue.

That and some interesting draft coverage comprise part of today’s offerings as the beats and bloggers had a busy day. I tried to save the best of the best of or at least a representative selection so as not to have 1,500 words to read before clicking or to occupy the department of redundancy department. As always, * means autoplay on, or annoying ads, or both (directions to remove for Firefox and Chrome). {$} means paywall. {$} means limited views. Italics are often used on this page as sarcasm font. (In the comments section, use @ before and after your remarks @ to produce sarcasm font. In the text body. It doesn’t work in the headlines.)

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