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FanPost Friday: Your bold Cubs predictions for the second half

The weird, the worst, the wonderful, it’s all fair game.

\ Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The All-Star Game has come and gone, and while I certainly could have done without Joe Buck grilling Kris Bryant about whether or not he thought he was getting traded, it was still a lot of fun (in spite of yet another NL loss). We’ve had a few days with no baseball games, and now we’re back to regularly scheduled programming and entering the bottom half of the 2021 season.

The Cubs have had an intriguing first half, with periods where the Cubs were leading and it seemed like they might well make a postseason push, then suddenly being third in the division (classic NL Central) and management talking about a “retooling.” While it sounds like the Cubs are likely to be sellers, that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little weird about our own precidicts.

Will they trade off good players for more prospects? Which beloved stars will still be around in September? Will the team suddenly go on a tear in late July and become buyers again? The whole goal of today’s FanPost prompt is to come up with anything weird, wonderful, impossible, improbable and make your boldest guesses for what will happen in the second half of the year. Earlier today Al posted his, now it’s your turn.

Head over to the FanPost section, select “New FanPost” on the left, and give us your most wild and sensational predictions.