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Outside the Confines: The pandemic strikes back

Yesterday’s Red Sox/Yankees game was postponed when six Yankees tested positive for COVID-19. A look back at the All-Star Game and a look ahead to the second-half.

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Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Here’s to a better second half. Remember, being a sports fan should be fun. If the Cubs start trading players away, enjoy the ones that are left. They might not win as many games, but I can promise you that every player in the major leagues is an incredibly talented ballplayer. Or you could decide to cheer for the Giants or Rays (for example) for a few months. But keep coming back here to stay up-to-date about the Cubs.

There are always the Cubs minor league teams. And in case you can’t bring yourself to watch the Cubs today, is free this weekend, starting tonight. If you’ve been wanting to see for yourself what Brennen Davis and Ed Howard look like on the field, this is your chance to check it out.

  • Apparently this pandemic is not over. I’m not going to get into why it’s not over (because you all know why), but I will say it should be over and it’s a literal tragedy that people are still dying. Compared to that, it’s small potatoes that yesterday’s Yankees/Red Sox game was postponed after six Yankees tested positive for COVID-19. At least half of those players have been vaccinated and are currently asymptomatic. All-Star outfielder Aaron Judge is one of those who tested positive, which means everyone who played on the AL All-Star team is potentially exposed.
  • Also, the entire Korean Baseball Organization has suspended play after an outbreak. The KBO has postponed all games through Sunday and then will start a pre-planned break for the Tokyo Olympics. They will not resume play until August 9.
  • As long as we’re on the KBO, Pirates first baseman Will Craig has signed with the Kiwoom Heroes. Craig admits that one reason he signed to play in Korea is because he wanted to get away from that play where he failed to step on first base against Javier Báez. You know the play [VIDEO].

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.