Ten Predictions for the Second Half of 2021

  1. One of Cubs trio of Baez, Bryant, and Rizzo is still on the team. I want it to be Bryant, but it will be Baez.
  2. Kimbrel will not be pitching for the Cubs
  3. Contreras will surge, finishing around .270 with 30 HRs. He will be extended in the off-season.
  4. Baez will finish the season hitting .210.
  5. Heyward will finish at .250 with 15 HRs.
  6. Wisdom will finish right at 25 HRs.
  7. Hendricks will finish with an ERA around 3.35.
  8. Despite all the HRs from remaining players, the Cubs finish the season at .500 (give or take 1-2 games) due to many HRs being solo and the starting pitching being below average (except for Hendricks).
  9. The Cubs will post their worst OBP averages since the start of the Epstein regime.
  10. Our hitting coach will be fired at the end of the season.

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