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Let’s talk about the latest Kris Bryant trade rumor

Could KB wind up in the Bay Area? (Hint: Probably not)

Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

With two days (and a few hours) left until the 2021 MLB trade deadline, I’m going to make the sort of post I usually don’t.

And that is, one in response to a specific Cubs trade rumor, this one posted by Manny Randhawa at not long after Tuesday night’s game ended:

With the Trade Deadline just three days away, the Giants have talked with the Cubs about star third baseman/outfielder Kris Bryant, sources told’s Jon Morosi on Tuesday. Morosi adds that for their side, Chicago is looking at San Francisco’s No. 2 prospect per MLB Pipeline (and No. 17 overall), catcher Joey Bart.

This is interesting for a number of reasons. First, Bryant had not really been linked to the Giants until now. Second, the Giants currently have the best record in baseball, which they have compiled without Bryant. It wouldn’t seem to be an urgent need to trade for him.

Lastly, why are the Cubs interested in Joey Bart? Yes, Bart is a top prospect, the Giants’ No. 1 pick (second overall) in 2018 out of Georgia Tech. But Bart, at least so far in his professional career, has done nothing but catch. If the Cubs are seeking Bart, does this mean they’re in the market to trade Willson Contreras?

Apart from two games with the Giants, Bart has spent this entire year at Triple-A Sacramento, where he is currently hitting .310/.372/.532 (53-for-171) with 11 doubles and nine home runs. Looks like a “can’t-miss” guy.

Here’s a bit more:

Personally, I would not send “more” to the Giants in a deal like this, unless pitching was also coming back to the Cubs, and preferably major league pitching.

And also, there’s this, from a Giants writer for The Athletic:

As always, we await developments.

One other thing I wanted to touch on in this trade-related post are some comments made by Bryant about the human side of this time of year. These guys are not just pieces to be swapped around on spreadsheets. They are people with real lives and concerns outside the ballpark. From KB:


Please remember this when you’re discussing trades. We know the deadline is near, we know the Cubs are re-tooling (or “rebuilding,” or whatever you want to call it) and more players could be dealt. Just remember they’re people with lives, just like you and me.


Is it likely Bryant returns to the Cubs in 2022, whether traded or not? Probably not, and I think we all know it. This is your reminder that Bryant drives this effort, not his agent Scott Boras. Boras does what his client wants, not the other way around.

From the time of this post there are 54 hours to the deadline (though, of course, news about deals can still come out after the 3 p.m. CT Friday deadline). Have at it.