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Cubs trade Anthony Rizzo to Yankees

And an era comes to an end.

Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Anthony Rizzo has not only been one of the Cubs’ best players for the last several years, he’s been their emotional leader and on-field captain, all the way through their World Series win and beyond.

Now, he’s headed to the New York Yankees:

As of now, we don’t have any news on the return from the Yankees to the Cubs in this deal.

This is not intended to be any sort of “reflection” piece on Rizzo’s career with the Cubs — and who knows, maybe they’ll bring him back as a free agent. This trade just happened and again, we don’t know who the Cubs are getting in return.

I can tell you that I know that Rizzo’s parents were at Wrigley this week and his mom, in particular, spent some time thanking Wrigley employees for all they’d done for the family over the years.

It’s a sad day in Chicago Cubs history. All of us had hoped they’d build a winner that would last longer than this, and Rizzo would end his career in blue pinstripes, not Yankee pinstripes.

But here we are.

This post will be updated when we know who’s coming back to the Cubs.

UPDATE... Here’s the return:

Alexander Vizcaino is a 24-year-old RHP currently in High-A. Kevin Alcantara is a 19-year-old outfielder currently with the Yankees Rookie League team.