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Cubs trade Jake Marisnick to Padres

Even the backups are leaving.

Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Cubs have made several deadline deals that seemed likely to happen.

This one surprises me a bit:

Jake Marisnick seemed like the kind of guy this front office likes — high energy, good fielder, good baserunner, good clubhouse guy, not expensive. He had a $4 million option for 2022 and I thought the Cubs would exercise it.

But, no, Marisnick now heads into a pennant race in San Diego. He hit .227/.294/.438 (29-for-128) in 65 game for the Cubs with six doubles, three triples and five home runs, thus the good SLG despite a low BA and OBP. Marisnick is 30 and it appears this team is going to get younger, perhaps much younger.

As has been the case for all the trades that have hit Twitter on deadline day, there is no return yet available for this one. When what the Cubs are acquiring in return for Marisnick is available, this post will be updated.