Ricketts Folly

When the Cubs won the series in 2016, I was 55 years old. Save for marrying my wife and the birth of my kids, this was the happiest day of my life. I would hazard to guess that for the majority of Cubs fans, this is likely to be true.

Normally, baseball business involves selling off players for prospects when you give up on a season. Where Ricketts miscalculated is that there are 3 Cubs from 2016 that should never be traded - Rizzo, Baez, and Bryant. They earned that right by giving so many Cubs fans the day of their lives.

The Cubs new prospects may win a World Series in 2026, but in my eyes I would trade that series for Baez, Bryant, and Rizzo retiring as Cubs just like Banks, Santo, Williams, Payton, Urlacher, Butkus, Sayers and presumably Kane and Toews have for Chicago franchises.

So at his point I christen Tom Ricketts as the new Jeffrey Luries of the Cubs franchise.

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