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Cub Tracks keeps it going

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Here at CUB TRACKS NEWS AND NOTES™, we have news for you. Bad news. The losing streak has gone to ten and the skid shows no signs of stopping.


Sad. When Gregorius hit that homer and tied the game, it felt like a loss. We’re getting to 2012 (if not 1975) dimensions, when I assumed the box score was going to have an L next to ‘Chicago Cubs’.

Maybe today. Maybe. If the string runs out to eleven, Bolingbrook promises to spontaneously combust, like a Spinal Tap drummer or a Chicago Cubs catcher. Is that a bizarre gardening accident or an Eric Sogard at-bat?

Let’s win one today, boys. This team is so bad now that there’s not even any coverage to cover. All there is this Paths of the Dead march toward the end of this month and an uncertain future for the sport.

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