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Outside The Confines: The Dodgers are erasing Trevor Bauer

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Rightly so.

World Series Preview Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The saga of the reports against Trevor Bauer continues to look worse and worse for the LA Dodgers pitcher. Following accusations of assault from a former partner, Bauer has claimed that he’s innocent of the charges, but since the story and the subsequent medical details have been released things continue to look bad for Bauer.

This week, the Dodgers scrapped a Bauer bobblehead night, and pulled all of the Bauer-themed merchandise from stores and the website, and now even his teammates are distancing themselves.

Whatever comes of the legal aspects of this case, it’s clear the Dodgers are doing everything they can to disassociate themselves from Bauer at present.

At OTC we don’t enjoy sharing these types of news stories in the lead position, but unfortunately what’s happening with Bauer right now is a big story, and we want to provide you with links to good coverage of the situation.

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