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Cub Tracks meets the enemy?

An almost-daily digest of #Cubs, #MiLB, and #MLB news.

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1956 Democratic National Convention

Here at CUB TRACKS NEWS AND NOTES™, we have news for you.

Expectations, you know? Walt Kelly might have had had it right, all those years ago. The Cubs were supposed to become one of THOSE organizations, like the Dodgers or the dad-gummit Cardinals, who are almost always in the hunt, always coming up with new players or the one crucial free agent. And I’m not seeing it. I think they tried, and failed, but in the process, they created expectations...

That could possibly never have been met. But that’s the nature of the hype train. And why Friday’s dip seems like so much of an abyss.

Anyway the post-fire sale Cubs and Nationals played Saturday night, with Kyle Hendricks on the hill versus Joe Ross. Ross blinked first. Professor looked good throwing his 16th QS of the season.

That particular group made a lot of hard contact. Jason Heyward even got into the act. Alcantara and Romine will be excellent bench pieces should there be a 2022 season, subbing for/spelling Hoerner and Madrigal, presumably, as the Cubs morph into the kind of team that David Ross has professed that he prefers, that can do situational hitting and rely on sound fundamentals.

We’ll see how that flies for the rest of the year. They’ll still need people that can swat those flies though. Patrick Wisdom and David Bote are not the whole answer. The old guys that went away are raking, I’m both sad and happy to say. But I kind of expected that. Rizzo is on an historical tear.

Rex Brothers didn’t look quite as good as Hendricks. But things didn’t get completely out of hand, due to the work of Codi Heuer. Kyle Ryan came on for the save. The new Cubs are 1-1 and play again today. Al will have details of the game in his recap.

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