The Schulte Poems, August 15, 1913

During the second half of the 1913 season, the Chicago Tribune's daily sports column, "In the Wake of the News," regularly published funny, sometimes hilarious, poems that it said were written by Frank Schulte, the Cubs' colorful, hard-hitting, lefty-swinging right fielder.

The poems actually were written by Ring Lardner, who presided over "the Wake" and was destined to become one of the great humorists of the early 20th Century.

This entry appeared 108 years ago today:


Aug. 15


By Frank Schulte.

Boston, Mass., Aug. 14

We go from here to Philly, and

Part of the way we'll ride

In sleeping cars, which are equipped

With things like beds inside.

They say that, day times, these here beds

Are made up into seats.

Some trains have dining cars attached,

Whence people sit and eat.

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