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Outside The Confines: They might be Giants

Moving back the mound in the Atlantic League is not going over well and is not having the impact hoped for. The Giants just keep winning. There have been a lot of winning and losing streaks. The comeback from an almost tragic comeback line drive.

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We’ve got a lot of ground to cover today, so sit tight and we’ll get right to it.

  • We’re now three weeks into the experiment in the Atlantic League and Jayson Stark looks at how it’s going and inteviews the players involved to get their opinons. (The Athletic sub. req.) It doesn’t look like it’s having the intended effect. Offense is up, but it’s mostly because there are more home runs. Hitters are not making more contact. But overall, it’s not having a big impact at all.
  • For those without an Athletic subscription, R.J. Anderson has a look at the Atlantic League and moving the mound back with a stronger focus on the anger of the players who feel like this experiment is turning them into guinea pigs and is messing with their careers.

Just a personal note. I’ve been an open advocate of experimenting with moving the mound back in an attempt to try to increase contact and get more action into the game. Three weeks is way too short a sample to draw any firm conclusions, but the early returns are not encouraging. Whatever edge the hitters have with the extra time to swing seems to be negated by giving pitches more time to break. Of course, the robot umpires are also playing a role on offense in the Atlantic League and both articles have the players complaining about that as well.

And tomorrow shall be a better day than today, Buster.