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Cub Tracks embraces the future

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Here at CUB TRACKS NEWS AND NOTES™, we have news for you. I’d like to say that I have good news, but I dislike lying. Am personally inclined toward Buster Olney’s point of view — the Cubs’ organization strikes me as one that would be uncomfortable to work in. There seems to be a lot of backbiting and fingerpointing and lack of assuming responsibility by responsible parties, and I’m seeing an effort to blame everything on the departed players. My view is that such philosophy generally devolves from the top.

Really there probably isn’t a person in the front office or on the field that doesn’t share some of the blame, just as they should all share some of the credit for a franchise that won the first championship in 108 years just a short while ago. Theo Epstein of course shoulders the lion’s share of both, but the organization as a whole is culpable.

We outsiders will never know exactly what happened to make this all reality. But the spin is in, in more ways than one, and as there is no game today, that’s a main conversational theme.

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