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Cub Tracks’ working title

An almost-daily digest of #Cubs, #MiLB, and #MLB news.

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Here at CUB TRACKS NEWS AND NOTES™, we have news for you. No game Monday.

I can’t help but root for former Arizona Wildcat Alfonso Rivas, who had a fine debut in Sunday’s loss. Saw him play a couple of times. He was very popular here. That team also had a good year in 2016.

Am also rooting for Wisdom, Ortega, Hermosillo, Rodriguez, Steele, Thompson. I dunno about starting, really, but for sure part of the squad. It doesn’t mean the losses will sting less, but it’s good to have rooting interest. Keeps me in the game when everything else flags.

I root for Javier Báez. too. And I have been rooting against New York in general and Christopher Russo in particular for many years. This isn’t the first time Russo has mouthed off about Chicago. But then his whole schtick is that he’s a motormouthed jerk, a takeoff on what people think of as the ‘typical New Yorker”, overcaffeinated, overbearing, and underinformed. An arrogant imbecile.

“Christopher Russo is an embarrassment.” — me.

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