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Anthony Rizzo tests positive for COVID-19

The Yankees first baseman will be out for a while.

Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Former Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo, now with the Yankees, is still someone of great interest to Cubs fans due to his longevity with the team and his status as a Cubs World Series champion.

Thus I present this news to you:

Here’s more information:

Usually, a positive test means at least 10 days on the COVID-19 list, though it could be more depending on symptoms. In Rizzo’s case it will be 10 days:

Also, this seems important, and as always, we await developments:

Get well soon, Anthony. All the best to you.

Lastly, regarding the popular former Cub:

One final note: I have written this article because it is important news regarding someone who is important to Cubs fans.

However, I want to remind you about political commentary — it is not permitted on this site. If there are ANY comments about vaccination or not that even hint at political content, they will be removed without notice, and if they continue after that, comments will be closed.

Sorry to be a hardass about that, but I will not permit commentary on this news item to edge into politics. Thanks for understanding.