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The average price of a season lawn ticket for 2022 Cubs spring training games is going up

Sloan Park season ticket holders received invoices late Friday.

Al Yellon

We have our first indication of ticket pricing for Cubs games for 2022, and the average price — at least for my lawn season ticket at Sloan Park in Mesa — has gone up slightly.

Sloan Park season ticket holders received invoices late Friday. For the 18 games scheduled at the Cubs’ spring home for 2022, the total cost is $346. That’s an average of $19.22 per date. For the Cubs’ last scheduled full spring season in 2020, lawn season-ticket holders were invoiced for $316 for 17 games, an average of $18.59 per date. (I say “full” spring season as that was planned before several games were cancelled when MLB shut down in the middle of the spring season in 2020.)

This is a small increase and won’t likely mean many cancellations for spring STH. Demand for spring games is different from regular-season games, because the reasons for attending spring games is different. Attending spring games, for many, is more about seeing baseball in great weather. It doesn’t really matter who wins. In 2021, the Cubs hosted 14 games at Sloan Park and were limited to about 25 percent capacity. Demand was high for those tickets and I would expect that to continue in 2022.

The Cubs have set up two payment plans for spring season tickets for the 2022 season:

Traditional Payment Option (Pay in Full): The first option is to apply payment for your 2022 Spring Training season ticket balance in full by 5 p.m. CST Tuesday, November 23, 2021.

Extended Payment Option (Three Payments): The second option is to submit payment in three equal installments. If you elect the Extended Payment Option, your first payment is due Friday, October 15, 2021. The credit card(s) applied for the first payment will be auto-debited for the remaining season ticket balance in two payments Monday, November 15, 2021, and Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

It’s interesting that if you pay in full, you can wait till November to pay, but if you want the extended plan, you need to send in one-third of the money in October. I’ll probably just wait till November and pay in full. Here are the 2022 season ticket prices for all the sections at Sloan Park:

The Cubs will open the 2022 spring season against the Dodgers February 26 at Sloan Park. Single-game tickets will go on sale Saturday, January 15 and when I get more details about this sale I’ll post them here.