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Cub Tracks’ oblique strains

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Frank the Tank
Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Here at CUB TRACKS NEWS AND NOTES™, we have news for you, which we look at in sidelong fashion. And music. This one is for Josh:

and for everyone:

Get your thrills where and when you can. I’m trying to stay on a positive angle by rooting for some NooCubs. I am not exactly jazzed but I have interest. Hey, it’s tough right now, but at least we aren’t Mets fans.

Wednesday night the Cubs played the Twins in the second of a two-game series, having won the first game via the long ball. Justin Steele started against Joe Ryan in a matchup of young players. Ryan’s got some good hair and reportedly no real secondary pitches.

Both started out well, though Steele had a little location trouble that didn’t matter in the end as he allowed but one hit. Frank hit a tank.

Dang, I agree with Boog. Coffee is my favorite ice cream, too. Boog gets a lot of crap here, and rightfully so, I think, but if he and Dempster stick to baseball, they make a value-shelf vanilla broadcast. Vanilla has long been MLB’s preference, as we know. And they love to shop the value shelf.

As discussed below, Adbert Alzolay came on in relief of Steele. He looked pretty damn good. Everyone gets barreled when they get it over the middle. But I wouldn’t look sideways at the NooCubs’ bullpen right now.

It’d be nice to see this team play like this the rest of the year.

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“Justin looked really good. I thought the fastball was electric, to be honest with you.” — David Ross.

Food for thought:

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