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Cub Tracks’ bumbles and beeswax

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Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Here at CUB TRACKS NEWS AND NOTES™, we have news for you.

Cubs legend Jon Lester appeared against the Cubs Saturday, in the park. Cubs legend and Hall-of-Famer Ryne Sandberg was in the booth with JD and the irrepressible Boog, who actually did get off a good story about Molina and Happ and the bee.

Adrian Sampson was on the mound opposing Lester. Honestly, he was the better of the two, and the Cubs were even looking decent and professional in this latest edition of the extended dress rehearsal, but a double TOOTBLAN brought down the curtain, and frankly, I’m ready to have the pleasantly plump prima donna vocalize. I understand she’s warming up.

Sampson is probably going to get get a look in Spring Training. I suspect his future (if he sticks is swingman). He’ll have plenty of company, even some kids his age to play with.

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