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Cub Tracks’ one after 162

#Cubs, #MiLB, and #MLB news.

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Here at CUB TRACKS NEWS AND NOTES™, we have news for you, four days a week. Perhaps we will have eight arms to hold you when we’re 64, but that’s still in the future, so for now, we’ll cry instead. Tomorrow never knows.

All you need is love, they said, but they were young and rich and the blue jays were in LA then.

I need an Italian Beef, wet, with sweets and mozz, at the very least. Fortunately there are plenty of other ex-Chicagoans here in the land of California grass, and such are obtainable, for a price. So too, is the California grass, and it’s legal now.

This by way of saying that time will change some judgments, but not all. Some things actually are right to start with, even if they aren’t the same degree of right for everyone. We all grasp the fabled elephant by different parts — your foie gras might be my braunschweiger might be someone else’s chopped liver.

And some things are facts, and at least theoretically, somewhat less fungible. We try to examine those uncritically. It’s a fact that the Cubs have failed to qualify for the playoffs, and that this is the last week of the season. I know, the last game is Sunday, which is the first day of the week technically, but I think that is silly and that Monday is the first day. In any event, this is the terminal six-game stretch of the season. An eight-day week, if you will.

notJed Hoyer: “The operation was a success. The patient died.”

Why do I feel like they’re gonna send out Marty Feldman to obtain the fix? Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

No game Monday. Pittsburgh today. I don’t think the band is getting back together.

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“Taking me out of the game is something that I want to make it hard for the manager to do.” — Adrian Sampson.

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