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Outside The Confines: Mets woes continue

It hasn’t been a great week for the New York ballclub.

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New York Mets’ Acting General Manager Zack Scott watches his team’s spring training workout Photo by Alejandra Villa Loarca/Newsday RM via Getty Images

Happy Friday you beautiful OTC readers! I hope you had a tremendous week, that you have a lovely long weekend planned (even if that just means sitting on the couch and relaxing, whatever works for you!)

You know who it hasn’t been a good week for? The New York Mets. Between the silly thumbs-down scandal that broke over the weekend, to Javier Baez’s missing earring, there’s a whole new story that has broken about acting Mets GM Zack Scott, who was busted for a DUI this week.

So obviously stories about the Mets have been a big focus for the week, so we’ll look at those first.

Now on to the rest of Friday’s links!

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Make it so.