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Cub Tracks’ how schweet it is

A nearly-daily digest of #Cubs, #MiLB, and #MLB news, Frankly speaking.

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Let’s be frank — this team is &$@?% fun now. They deserve all the love they can get. And so do you.

Here at CUB TRACKS NEWS AND NOTES™, we have news for you. The Cubs have instituted a collage of coaches. Next up, interpretive dance as a home run trot. Please stand by for a &!$#@/ message from our sponsor.

Holy gamethread, Batman! No wonder that one never made it to the air.

Oh yeah, and there was a game, too. The Cincinnati Reds blew into town and Sonny Gray took the mound to oppose rookie Justin Steele, who is trying to claim a spot in the rotation for 2022.

The Reds are a contendah and the Cubs are in the unenviable position of also running. My inner editor wonders who Delinio DeShields is. Whoever he is, he batted eighth. Joey Votto rode the pine. Asdrúbal Cabrera filled his shoes.

I wonder too if Austin Romine isn’t the next DFA candidate, given Robinson Chirinos’ play and Willson Contreras’ return to the lineup. Might depend on Nico Hoerner’s oblique strategy. Several reporters said that Nico took BP and did fielding drills Monday, but whether he returns this season is still up in the air.

Pittsburgh-area native Ian Happ got the ball up in the air and gave Steele a lead after the first.

Steele pitched like he was grateful for the runs until Codi Heuer had to be summoned to quell an uprising in the sixth. That didn’t quite work out. More runs were needed as it became a brand-new ball game.

Frank Schwindel to the rescue after an awesome 10-pitch at-bat by Alfonso Rivas. The suddenly resilient bullpen held on for the W.

See Al’s recap for further details. Still undefeated in September!

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