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2022 MLB draft

Chicago Cubs announce the signing of 19 of 20 draft picks

The Cubs inked all but one of their 2022 draft class.

2022 MLB Draft recap: Cade Horton and the Cubs’ draft was all about upside

There are 20 new Cubs at the moment. Who are they and why did the front office take them?

2022 MLB Draft: Day 2 recap and Day 3 open thread

The Cubs loaded up on high-upside pitching on Day 2. See if the trend continues on Day 3.

2022 MLB Draft: Day 2 open thread

Rounds 3 through 10 will take place today.

The Cubs MLB Draft open thread

The 2022 MLB Draft starts now! Come see who the Cubs will take with the 7th pick

Chicago Cubs draft profiles: Other possibilities at number 7

We finish our series the series on candidates for the Cubs’ first pick with four other prospects

Chicago Cubs draft profile: Kevin Parada

The fourth in a series of possible Cubs draft picks looks at a power-hitting catcher from Georgia Tech.

Chicago Cubs draft profile: Termarr Johnson

The Georgia high school product is perhaps the most unique prospect in a generation. Will the Cubs draft him, or will he be gone long before they pick?

Chicago Cubs draft profile: Brooks Lee

The second in a series of possible Cubs draft picks looks at a switch-hitting college shortstop with some tremendous bat skills

Chicago Cubs draft profile: Cam Collier

The first in a series of articles previewing the MLB Draft looks at Chipola Junior College third baseman Cam Collier

2022 MLB Draft Prep: It’s been a while edition

A number of updates on draft prospects for the first and second rounds and beyond.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: The weekend in college baseball

Highlights of the weekend and thoughts about possible Cubs picks.

A look at Friday night’s college baseball action

... with some Draft possibilities for the Cubs.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Draft and follow

What is "draft and follow"? The explanation is within.

A review of Friday night college baseball

And another look at some guys the Cubs might consider for this summer’s MLB Draft.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: College baseball week 6

A few notes on last weekend’s games. Also, does a reliever make sense in Round 2?

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Week 5 of college baseball

... and a look at some Cubs draft possibilities, both for this year and next.

A look at Friday night college baseball and some MLB Draft possibilities

Here are some draft follows not just for this summer, but also for 2023.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: A rule change, and college baseball Week 4

What will the new option rule mean in practice?

A look at college baseball’s Friday night action

Some of these guys are worth watching for the upcoming Draft.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Week 3 of the college season

Some players who have begun to possibly stand out for the Cubs’ pick at seventh overall.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Notes after two weeks of college baseball

Updates on some guys the Cubs could look at for this summer’s Draft.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Week 1 early returns

Here are some of the top performances by potential draft picks on the first weekend of baseball for 2022.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Nine names that matter for the Cubs

Here are some players the Cubs could look at to choose with the No. 7 overall pick.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: An early mock draft

And a few thoughts on who should be on a draft list.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Early round heat map

Here are a few guys to watch for next summer’s draft, ranked by how hot a prospect they are.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Eight high school and eight college players to watch

And an update on exactly where the Cubs might draft.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: An early look at next year’s class

Here are a few players to keep an eye on for the Cubs for next summer’s draft.

Do you want the Cubs to win their remaining games or tank for a higher draft pick?

With 12 games remaining, there’s not much room for movement in the 2022 draft order.


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