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2022 MLB draft

2022 MLB Draft Prep: It’s been a while edition

A number of updates on draft prospects for the first and second rounds and beyond.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: The weekend in college baseball

Highlights of the weekend and thoughts about possible Cubs picks.

A look at Friday night’s college baseball action

... with some Draft possibilities for the Cubs.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Draft and follow

What is "draft and follow"? The explanation is within.

A review of Friday night college baseball

And another look at some guys the Cubs might consider for this summer’s MLB Draft.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: College baseball week 6

A few notes on last weekend’s games. Also, does a reliever make sense in Round 2?

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Week 5 of college baseball

... and a look at some Cubs draft possibilities, both for this year and next.

A look at Friday night college baseball and some MLB Draft possibilities

Here are some draft follows not just for this summer, but also for 2023.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: A rule change, and college baseball Week 4

What will the new option rule mean in practice?

A look at college baseball’s Friday night action

Some of these guys are worth watching for the upcoming Draft.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Week 3 of the college season

Some players who have begun to possibly stand out for the Cubs’ pick at seventh overall.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Notes after two weeks of college baseball

Updates on some guys the Cubs could look at for this summer’s Draft.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Week 1 early returns

Here are some of the top performances by potential draft picks on the first weekend of baseball for 2022.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Nine names that matter for the Cubs

Here are some players the Cubs could look at to choose with the No. 7 overall pick.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: An early mock draft

And a few thoughts on who should be on a draft list.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Early round heat map

Here are a few guys to watch for next summer’s draft, ranked by how hot a prospect they are.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: Eight high school and eight college players to watch

And an update on exactly where the Cubs might draft.

2022 MLB Draft Prep: An early look at next year’s class

Here are a few players to keep an eye on for the Cubs for next summer’s draft.

Do you want the Cubs to win their remaining games or tank for a higher draft pick?

With 12 games remaining, there’s not much room for movement in the 2022 draft order.


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