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What’s your biggest ‘outside the box’ prediction for MLB in 2022?

Go ahead — dream large.

Mine has to do with this guy.
Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

I’ve been finding interesting tweets recently that lend themselves to a full article. Here’s one from this past weekend:

This is kind of like the “5 bold predictions” articles I’ve done in the past, and I’ll probably do one of those as we get closer to the 2022 season... presuming, that is, that we have one.

Instead, I’m throwing the floor open to you and you could pick just about anything, it doesn’t have to be limited to the Cubs, although given that this is a Cubs site, I would expect many of your choices to be Cubs-centric.

And that’s the one I’m going to lead off with.

My big outside-the-box prediction: Frank Schwindel has a monster season and finishes in the top five of National League MVP voting this year.

Want to pin me down as to specific numbers? Okay, let’s go with these: 148 games, 575 plate appearances, .305/.365/.575, 35 doubles, 35 home runs, 105 RBI, 65 walks, 95 strikeouts.

There’s no point in putting a poll in this article because there are so many possible choices, not limited to the Cubs. So you’ll have to leave yours in the comments.