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Cubs Prospect Perspective: Luke Little

He threw 105 miles per hour in a pre-draft workout.

Courtesy San Jacinto College

Internet Superstar. Just a few days ago, Bob Saget passed away. The argument could be made that Saget, with his home video TV program, launched the idea of “internet superstar” before YouTube or Twitter were sprung. Today's subject is Luke Little, and he became an internet superstar for a day. For his second-day selection in a five-round draft to be justified, Little would have to do more than one pitch in one practice.

Luke Little, left-handed pitcher

Born August 30, 2000, Charlotte, North Carolina
Cubs 4th Round Pick (2020) from San Jacinto Junior College, Houston, Texas.

I start with the legend. Parlor trick? Broken radar gun? Bob Saget would have enjoyed it, probably. However, in a draft with only five names, getting a realistic return from as many as possible would help. As it happens, Little did reasonably well in 2021. He managed 11 innings in a season where far too many pitchers were well under that. Walks remain a concern, but velocity isn't a problem.

As usual, I default to Arizona Phil, who watches practices in Mesa. Little pencils in as a potential starting Myrtle Beach. Innings would be monitored, and he's likely a longer-term reliever. However, "starter for now" profiles better than "reliever already."

With spring training for MLB in question more by the day, how a team should best address developing arms like Little's ought to be in discussion already. If the shop is open, Mesa works as well or better than Houston or Charlotte.

To talk about Little without mentioning his parents would be absurd. They were flying to the College World Series this summer, and had a plane switch in a Phoenix airport. When their son was playing baseball in Mesa. Space and time didn't accommodate a meet-up, but Bob Saget would have probably enjoyed it.