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Outside The Confines: International signings have begun

While it doesn’t mean much for the season to come, it’s nice to see something happening in baseball.

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Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

While the first meeting between MLB and the MLBPA this past week was a dismal failure, there have been some positive moves that we’ve been privy to. The international signing period is upon as and we’re seeing teams sign potential major talent (and often very young players) over the past few days.

Prospects are always uncertain, but so many incredible players have come out of international signings, so it’s always something to look forward to, and also a nice opportunity to see player faces instead of gray boxes.

While it will likely be many years before we see any of these players in action, it’s still nice to see some potential future stars signing with their first clubs.

Here are some stories focusing on the signing period.

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