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Outside The Confines: Making the switch

Carlos Correa has a new agent. The Dodgers have a new GM. A minor league team has a new name. More thoughts on Cooperstown and other lockout MLB news.

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MLB: Boston Red Sox at Houston Astros Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

I was making a cake for my daughter’s birthday yesterday when I got some red food coloring on my hands. I spent the next twenty minutes at the kitchen sink playing Lady Macbeth and going “Out damned spot” on my seemingly-bloody palms. Even then, I didn’t get it all off.

Oh, there’s lot of baseball news today. Or there isn’t. I’ll give you one guess which it is.

  • Free agent shortstop Carlos Correa announced that he has changed his representation to Scott Boras and the Boras Corporation. Correa didn’t give a reason other than to praise the Boras Corporation. But Correa had been represented by WME, which is owned by the same parent company, Endeavor, that recently bought nine minor league teams, including the Iowa Cubs. The Players Association has said this is a conflict of interest and that the baseball agents at WME need to separate themselves from WME and Endeavor. Apparently top baseball players are starting the process by separating themselves from WME.
  • The Dodgers have promoted former major league pitcher Brandon Gomes to be their new general manager. This position is the one under team president Andrew Friedman, so it’s a Carter Hawkins-type GM position. Title inflation makes these things unclear
  • Brittany Ghiroli and Eno Sarris have a piece on how many baseball executives believe that the assistant GM position is the best one in baseball, (The Athletic sub. req.) not the general manager position. A lot of people think being an AGM comes with more freedom and you don’t have to deal with all the negative criticism that the GM (or whatever we’re calling the top baseball executive) gets. Kevin Goldstein said something similar at Fangraphs last week.

Of course, some people will call them the Sugar Land Gangsters of Love. Another group will just call them Maurice. And yes, I realize that I’m the ten-thousandth person to make that joke.

Let’s all be kind to each other. End the lockout, Manfred.