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Outside The Confines: Rays’ split-city plan is dead

Looks like Montreal will need to wait a bit longer to see baseball return.

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Kansas City Royals v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Ding dong, the deal is dead.

The Rays’ bold (and oft-criticized) plan to offer a split season with the team having dual home stadiums in both St. Petersburg (or Tampa proper, depending on new stadium deals) and Montreal is now officially dead after MLB has denied their proposal.

The deal was always going to be a long shot, but had previously gained some traction with positive response from Commissioner Rob Manfred. However, it now appears that the Rays will need to go back to the drawing board locally and start making plans for a new stadium that can house them all season long.

Rays’ owner Stuart Sternberg focused on the future in his comments to the press yesterday, saying, “Our goal has been to keep [the Rays] here for generations and generations. We have tried in the past to build in St. Petersburg, we tried to build full-season in Tampa as well. We’ll see how the stands look this year and the support we get and that’s going to help inform us as well going forward on our plans.”

Sternberg didn’t let the end of this plan dampen his view towards the future, where he sees the sister city model gaining popularity. “I believe the split-season concept is the future,” he said in his presser.

Here’s the Rays’ official statement.

Here are some stories on the axed twin-city plan:

And of course it wouldn’t be Rays news without a joke.

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