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Cub Tracks just wants to play

Your latest look at the news, such as it is, from the world of the Chicago Cubs, featuring Ian Happ.

Chicago Cubs v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images

I’m pinch-hitting for Duane today and handling Cub Tracks. So please bear with me as I try my best to keep you informed about what’s up in the world of the Chicago Cubs over the past two days.

Also, I’m afraid that I’m not plugged into the science social media world like Duane is. So I’ll just present a few things that caught my eye in the rest of the world recently.

Here’s an example:

Here’s Adbert Alzolay:

And here’s Justin Steele.

Those two are good friends, by the way.

Minor leaguer Max Bain got in on the action.

  • You should really read this Twitter thread by Ken Arneson on why the new Athletics stadium (if it ever gets built) will likely be a hitter’s paradise. This as close to science social media as I get.

Food for thought:

Let’s end the lockout. Let them play.