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Cub Tracks’ working title

Hot off the presses, here’s a somewhat Twitter-heavy edition of our #Cubs news and notes column.

Photo by Steve Liss/Getty Images

It’s my turn to fill in for Duane on Cub Tracks. Here’s your thinner-than-usual Sunday edition!

Here’s how that ballpark looked on Friday, though:

  • Some video of a recent Cubs international signee:
  • And more video, this one of top prospect Cristian Hernandez, who now ranks 81st in Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects despite having not played a single game stateside:
  • More prospect video, this time Owen Caissie!

More Caissie:

  • And even more prospects, this time pitching:
  • Kohl Franklin:
  • A bit of fun featuring prospect Kevin Alcántara and a bird:

Cubs birthdays: Dick Burwell, Joe Amalfitano, Don Nottebart, Jeff Samardzija

Today’s food for thought is a question:

For me I’d have to say Mr. Spock in Star Trek II. (Although, he eventually did come back to life.)

Enjoy your Sunday. It’s fewer than five weeks until the first scheduled Spring Training game. Hoping it happens as scheduled.