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MLB players and owners met again... and actually made some progress

Not MUCH progress. But it wasn’t nothing.

Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The second day of negotiations between MLB players and owners took place Tuesday in New York City and there were actual concrete proposals made. Here’s a summary:

The numbers proposed by MLB owners are far from what players have stated they want:

Honestly, those numbers are laughably far apart. This isn’t totally unusual for a labor negotiation. What’s important is how quickly the parties can narrow the gap. At this time that’s unknown. As Jeff Passan notes:

Depending on how that bonus pool is divided and how it’s determined which players are part of it (potentially by WAR?), this will not affect a large number of players. But it would get them paid more during their younger, more productive years, and that’s one thing players have been quite adamant about, because free agency is not going to change (at least in terms of how many years of service are required to get there).

Clearly, the difference between MLB’s $10 million offer and the MLBPA’s desire for $105 million in this pool is indeed laughable. Whether this gap can be bridged will go a long way toward telling us whether a deal can be reached without losing any games this year.

There are reports that further discussions on “non-core economic issues” will happen later this week. Good. Clock’s ticking.